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Owner and Educator

Lequvia K. Ousley, MAFM, CMBP

Lequvia K. Ousley is no stranger to the world of finance as her love for financial literacy began at a young age with her learning from her mother sales tax and how to save despite her parent's financial challenges. A native of Dawson, GA, Lequvia studied Accounting her senior year in high school, graduating with honors in 2003 with a dual college prep/technical vocation seal in Business Education from Terrell County High School. She is a 2006 graduate of Darton College (A.S. in Business Administration), a 2008 graduate of Albany State University (B.S. in Accounting) and a 2013 graduate of DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management (Master's in Accounting & Financial Management). In addition, she is a 2020 graduate of Liberty University (Master's in Professional Writing). In the Spring of 2008, during her matriculation at Albany State, Lequvia became certified to teach financial literacy through the FDIC MoneySmart program, a program in existence today that continues to educate the community and K-12 students.

After graduation in the Fall of 2008, Lequvia moved to Atlanta, GA⠀ 

with her first job as a staff accountant, a role she served in until 2014. Since then she has served the Metro Atlanta area as a writer, blogger, educator, mentor, tutor, and administrative/financial counsel to individuals and business owners. She is also credentialed as a Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP). 

When it comes to credit, Lequvia has always been her own case study as her credit journey began with her first student loan in 2007 and her credit mistakes/challenges beginning in 2013. In 2017, Lequvia's desire for homeownership led to her successfully disputing a collections from her account before the 7-year period ended. From there she was able to get her credit back on track and meet her financial goals. In addition to improving her own credit/financial situations through the years, she has worked with credit clients and with the encouragement, mentorship, and partnership with Rivem Financial and Co., her business will continue to help educate others on finances and credit.

Lequvia loves connecting and building relationships. Her 'why' for Valiant Credit Solutions is to help people see that good credit and financial habits is a relationship that goes beyond just getting the dream car and house. It's practical knowledge that can help build generational habits and promote financial stewardship. ⠀